Why Choose a silk duvet?

- Silk provides the same warmth as down, but breathes and moves moisture away from the skin

- Silk is lightweight - providing warmth without excess weight

- Silk naturally adjusts to your body temperature so it is a natural choice all year round

- Silk, being hypoallergenic, it is inhospitable to dust mites and, for those allergic to feathers, provides the perfect alternative to down

- Silk has wonderful temperature regulating properties, it can easily satisfy two sleepers with different definitions of "warm" and "cosy" .... it even caters for hot flushes!!

- A silk duvet naturally conforms to your body position to create warmth around you without cold spots

- Silk is permanently contained within the duvet outer, unlike alternative fillings such as down, wool, etc.

- Though beautiful and white, these duvets are the greenest you can get - all natural fibre. The manufacture of these duvets does not entail the use of chemicals.