Silk, a fine, strong illustrious fibre, is the product of the silk worm, a commercially bred caterpillar of the domesticated silk moth (Bombyx mori), which spins a silk cocoon that is processed to yield silk fibre.

Over a period of three weeks, a silk worm lives on a diet of mulberry leaves and during the last three days of this period, forms a cocoon, spinning over 1500 metres of continuous thread.

Twenty cocoons are then stretched over a bamboo half-hoop and left to dry in the shade for three or four days. This forms what we call a "silk cap" and is then stretched out by hand to the size of the duvet. It takes approximately 80 layers for a summer weight Queen duvet and approximately 140 layers for a winter Queen duvet.

The life cycle of the silk worm occurs four times each year. The best silk is produced during the spring months when the mulberry leaves are of the highest quality.

Silk is 100% natural, is extremely eco-friendly, and 100% sustainable